Written Culture

Who We Are

Written Culture handmade is the concept of Angela Sulfaro-Menconi, PhD. A trained cultural anthropologist, Angela was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In an attempt to reduce her household plastic consumption, she began to use solid bar soaps instead of liquids. She switched to solid shampoos and conditioners as well as zero or low waste cosmetics. 

As a stay-at-home parent, Angela decided she needed to find a creative outlet that allowed her to be home with her children. She decided she wanted to learn to make soap as a further step into the low waste lifestyle.

Written Culture, a Chicana owned small business, is designed to be a zero waste, natural soap company. The soaps are created by hand in Angela's kitchen. She only uses natural plant dyes, essential oils and infusions to color and scent her products. Bars are molded in handmade wooden molds, cut by hand and cured for 6 weeks. As such, each batch is unique with it's own serial number. 

"Nobody's perfect, but we can all do our part to reduce waste." - Angela

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